caching nameserver

Denis R. darom at
Wed Apr 26 03:23:50 UTC 2006

Check the DJBDNS author's site:

The instructions are simple. If there is a lot of name resolutions
happening on the web server itself, install dnscache on the localhost.

My advice to you is to avoid BIND. It is too complicated for your needs.


At 05:50 PM 4/25/2006, Richard Collyer wrote:
>I've recently been getting a lot of trouble with SpamAssassin performing a
>lot of rDNS lookups which is causing network issues (timeouts etc to DNS
>I am trying to install BIND (or djbdns) as a simple caching nameserver.
>Just to take some of the load off the networks DNS servers (my ISPs).
>However I am having trouble finding a good tutorial to follow.
>I've looked at
>but its mainly going on about being a nameserver which is not what I am
>after, wanting to keep it more simple than that.
>[root at brian:/usr/local/etc] $ named -v
>BIND 9.3.1
>Can anyone suggest me a good tutorial to follow, I've googled but mostly
>they are for debain/redhat and some of the commands and files are different.

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