Strange visual artifacts in upper left corner of screen which respond to mouse activity.....

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Apr 25 14:59:05 UTC 2006

Eric Schuele wrote:
[ ... ]
> OK... I can tell be the number of replies, everyone just rolled their 
> eyes at me and figured I'm crazy.  But it really does occur.  :)
> I have found that if I use the GDM provided XDMCP Chooser... that the 
> problem immediately dissapears.
> Anyone have any thoughts on this?

It sounds like something is causing data to get scribbled over video memory when 
you move your mouse, but who knows?

You should probably not expect replies to a non-trivial message in less than 
24-hours; I'll give a pass on replying immediately to see whether someone else 
has a better idea if I don't have something really useful to say.


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