PXE boot jumpstarting

Vahan Yerkanian vahan at arminco.com
Tue Apr 25 08:28:40 UTC 2006

While we are on the subject, is it possible to setup a FreeBSD PXE 
server that lets you netboot different OSes from iso images via a boot 
menu? I know it's possible with linux [1] [2]. Could be useful in labs 
where you use different OSes and want to minimize cd/dvd clutter.

[1] http://linux-sxs.org/internet_serving/pxeboot.html
[2] http://dcs.nac.uci.edu/~strombrg/Setting_up_a_pxe_server.html


Erik Nørgaard wrote:

> It does, take a look at this:
>   http://www.daemonsecurity.com/pub/pxeboot

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