Setting up Fluxbox (May apply to other GUI's)

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Apr 25 02:51:42 UTC 2006

Enigma wrote:

> I am using FreeBSD 6, and are new to *nix in itself.
> I have used the 'pkg_add -r fluxbox' command to
> get the fluxbox packages. Although after all my searching on
> different sites and asking someone I still cannot find
> where these packages would have been installed to,
> from using that command. The official fluxbox site
> doesn't offer any insight into this either, as I suspect
> it may be general knowledge to unix users? Any help
> in tracking these down would be greatly appreciated,
> as would any help in configuring for base things such
> as the konsole.
> Cheers,
> Warwick.

You can read a lot by trying some of these commands:

$ man ports
$ man pkg_which
$ man pkg_info

     and then using "pkg_which" or "pkg_info" to find
out answers to questions like these.

As a shortcut:

If fluxbox is indeed installed on your system, and
your $PATH environment variable is set in a more or
less standard fashion, then the following should help
you, at least a little bit.

1.  Edit a file in your $HOME directory entitled ".xinitrc".
	(Yes the dot is there and important).  If it is not
	already extant, try this:

	$ echo "exec fluxbox" > ~/.xinitrc

	If you have the file already, you can edit it with
	your $EDITOR, or you can add the line to the end of
	the file by doubling the "redirector" above:  >>

2.  Assuming you've correctly configured your X server, (which
	is a whole other chapter in and of itself), you should
	now be able to type "startx" and the console's shell
	prompt, and have the X server bring fluxbox into
	action when the GUI starts.

As for the location of "fluxbox", it's probably under
   /usr/X11R6/bin/, but I can't say for sure.  If you
   log out and back in, does "whereis fluxbox" work?
   The C shell (and TCSH) need to rebuild your $PATH
   data after installing new programs.  You can issue
   "rehash" after installation, or logout/in as I mentioned.


Kevin Kinsey

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