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Yousef Raffah yraffah at
Mon Apr 24 16:40:49 UTC 2006


Please forgive me for being quite new to FreeBSD...

I noticed while I'm trying to monitor my network from my laptop while
running fragrouter -B1 and trying to monitor the connections coming to
and going from another machine on the same network through ettercap or
ethereal that I get a lot of No buffer space available messages as

SEND L3 ERROR: 1500 byte packet (0800:06) destined to was
not forwarded (libnet_write_raw_ipv4(): -1 bytes written (No buffer
space available)

I even was not able to nmap the other machine.

I was trying to run these test over my iwi0 card and I'm on FreeBSD

While googling I found several posts about setting certain kernel
parameters with sysctl and stuff can help but I didn't really get the
clear picture of the problem and how it can be resolved, if it is
considered a problem. Or is it the iwi0 doesn't handle much load?

Thanks in advance for any input

Yousef Raffah
Senior Systems Administrator

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