Simluating a satellite connection using dummynet?

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Apr 24 09:31:22 UTC 2006

>> I've been reading up on it and best I can tell I'm looking
>> at  1000ms round trips... at *best*.  Most of what I do
>> I can do on  servers at home, but there will be the
>> occasional ssh, etc.

Supposedly, the round trip should be only 500 ms: the time for the
signal to go from earth to the satellite and back to earth, then the
same time for the reply packet to come back.

On the machine directly connected to the satellite modem, a ping to
the machine at the other end, directly connected to the satellite
modem (so the 2 machine as close as possible to the satellite
equipment) I get a ping round trip of 800 ms. That speed is pretty
workable for ssh/telnet, even for a full screen editor.


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