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solsyst at netscape.net solsyst at netscape.net
Mon Apr 24 02:54:47 UTC 2006

Dear FreeBSD:

I can get to your web page 
www.freebsd.org/cgi//pds.cgi?ports/editors/staroffice52. I can find the 
staroffice52 info, one of which is sources. when I click on sources I 
arrive at a page which gives me a lot of ftp sites for downloading so-5 
2-ga-bin-linux-en.bin, or 109939-03.tar.Z.

However, when I enter 
"ftp.csua.berleley.edu/pub/.1/ports/distfiles/staroffice52/" (no 
quotes) into my trustry little ftp software package, I cannot connect.

I have been able to download openoffice from ftp.freebsd.org, but I 
don't want openoffice.

Is there something wrong with ftp.csua, or is there something with 
newbe me?

Hope you can help, thanks.
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