I can't spell my own name in UTF-8, base 64 encoded

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Sun Apr 23 18:21:27 UTC 2006


So, I finally decided to get OpenLDAP set up to serve an address book
independent of where I am and on what computer. The problem is that
unless an attribute value is ascii, values have to be in UTF-8 and
base64 encoded(?), as I could understand from googling.

But, I can't even spell my own name in that encoding!

So question is: How do I most easily populate my directory? Is there a
tool that can convert an iso-8859-1 ldif to utf-8+base64 ldif? Will ldap
queries also have to be encoded UTF-8+base64 as well?

Have I misunderstood the bit about base64, that this is only required
for binary data such as jpeg images?

All documentation I have found tells how easy it is to get data out in
UTF-8 ldif, but I really need to get the data in there first.

Thanks, Erik

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