GDM sessions....

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Sun Apr 23 16:02:55 UTC 2006


I am toying with GDM a bit.  And am having some difficulties configuring 
it the way I want.  I had looked at the FreeBSD/GNOME handbook and found 
no mention of places for 'support' (mailing-lists, irc, etc).  I was 
hoping someone could point me towards a good source of info.

Should anyone be interested in the problem at hand:
I have GDM installed and working.  I *do not* have gnome installed.  I 
was hoping GDM would do as XDM and just run my .xsession.  But it does 
not.  I would simply like it to be an XDM replacement.  I've googled a 
bit and not found the answer.  I did find a reference to creating a 
.xprofile file.  I copied my .xsession file to .xprofile, and it at 
first appeared to be exactly what I wanted.... except... when I exit my 
windowmanager (hoping to logout), I was then sent to a twm session.  I 
must exit the twm session to get returned back to GDM.  Any tips would 
be appreciated.


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