bind and multiple a records

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC chad at
Sun Apr 23 06:24:43 UTC 2006

On FreeBSD 6.0 with bind9, if I define a host to have multiple A  
records, such that some IP addresses are listed more than once, for  

www		600		IN A
			600		IN A
			600		IN A

Will those addresses listed more than once show up more often as the  
"answer" to name server requests (or more often as the first address  
since it lists all addresses in response alternating the order)??

I am trying to achieve really crude weighting in my load distribution.

I've been running this way for some time and in looking at snapshots  
of server traffic, it sometimes look like it is doing so and  
sometimes not, but my measurements are not really accurate.


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