Simluating a satellite connection using dummynet?

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at
Sun Apr 23 03:37:51 UTC 2006

Hi all -

Odd question for you.  I have the opportunity to work from home, but it 
would require using a sat internet connection (no cable or dsl anywhere 

I've been reading up on it and best I can tell I'm looking at 1000ms round 
trips... at *best*.  Most of what I do I can do on servers at home, but 
there will be the occasional ssh, etc.

I recently setup ipfw/dummynet with a pipe and a 750ms delay both in and 
out and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be -- at least for 
ssh/text.  Reminds me of my days on a 9600 baud modem. heh.

I'm curious though whether this is a realistic test.  Thoughts?

Any of you use satellite?  How do you find it?



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