Custom Kernel questions...

Andrew Carton dhaishin at
Sat Apr 22 23:52:46 UTC 2006

While I am not exactly new to FreeBSD or other *nix variants, I choose to use FreeBSD because of its blazing performance, especially on older, slower machines. Yet, I also wish to strip that kernel to squeeze out every bit of usable power I can. My delving into kernel customizing with FreeBSD has been realativly short, and for the most part error free, but in comparison to Linux, it seems to offer fewer customizing options.
  More specificly, many of my machines are being setup as servers, and thusly have no need of many services such as sound drivers, yet it appears that I see code for them passing by the screen as I configure and compile. Has anyone here delved deeper into the configuration of the kernel, are there more options is other files aside from the main configuration file?

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