if_bridge with ndis0+rl0

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de
Sat Apr 22 12:32:26 UTC 2006

William Michael Grim <wgrim at cougar.isg.siue.edu> wrote:

> My ndis0 card is a TNET1130 (ACX111 chipset) and can be put into
> promiscuous mode.
> I was wondering if if_bridge can be used to bridge this ndis0 and my rl0?
> I have tried to do it using these commands:
>   # ifconfig bridge0 create
>   # ifconfig bridge0 addm ndis0 addm rl0
>   # ifconfig bridge0 up
> Using those above commands, I cannot get traffic from my wired network
> through the wireless interface to my wireless AP in my roommate's room
> (where the cable connection is).  So, while most people want to connect
> their 802.11 to their wired connection, I want to do just the opposite.

Bridging only works if the wireless NIC is in ad-hoc or hostap mode.

There was a thread about if_bridge and wireless NICs in infrastructure
mode about week ago on freebsd-net:
> Is there anything I can do, or am I screwed unless I get another wireless
> card that works with if_bridge?

I have a similar setup and I use NAT instead.

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