Intel EtherExpress Pro ISA card

Ian Lord mailing-lists at
Fri Apr 21 19:28:51 UTC 2006

At 13:20 2006-04-21, you wrote:
>I have this card install in a System but the GENERIC kernel does not pick it
>up.  Is there a custom driver for this card or a step I'm missing.
>                                              Matt
If you look at this page (I assumed you are trying to use freebsd6 
i386 version)

I'm not sure if they are the model you need but you'll see that

the "ex" drivers supports
Intel EtherExpress Pro/10
Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+

the "fxp" drivers supports a couple of etherexpress card

the "ie" drivers support
Intel EtherExpress 16

I think the one you need is the ie since it's for 8 and 16 bits isa card.

if you read the file /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC you'll see that 
all of the drivers for the nics are enabled in the generic kernel... 
So I guess your card is not supported.

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