Problem booting

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Fri Apr 21 12:19:07 UTC 2006

Hi all

I know that this is regarding pfSense (1.0 beta3), but since it is running with
a FreeBSD 6.1 RC1 kernel, I will try asking for help here.

I've installed pfSense on the harddrive (tried this with a SATA disk and a
"normal" disk), but when I boot I get a lot of junk. I can get:

FreeBSD/i386 boot
Default: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/loader

Right after this I get a lof of junk (registers and their values in hex) running
endlessly down the screen. Any idea what's wrong?


ps: The CPU is an intel and the motherboard is an Asus P5P800 SE.

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