Trunking connections

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Apr 21 12:14:09 UTC 2006

Michael Landin Hostbaek wrote:
> List, 
> In a branch office, I've got two ADSL lines setup (with two different
> ISPs) - one of them are supposed to work as backup line, but since it is
> a ADSL flat fee line, I was wondering if there's a way of setting up
> some sort of a trunk with FreeBSD, so I can make use of the extra
> bandwith.

This has been discussed quite extensively on the list in the past, 
and if I recall correctly the answer is basically no, unless the 
lines go to the same ISP and they also configure the lines this way 
on their end.

There may be various ways to dynamically dink your own routing table 
to try to balance your outbound traffic, but by the very nature of 
IP the inbound traffic cannot be regulated without full cooperation 
of the upstream routers.

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