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Alex de Kruijff freebsd at
Fri Apr 21 00:23:45 UTC 2006

On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 06:46:14AM -0800, Noah wrote:
> I sometimes get reports of "file system full" but not accurately because when
> viewing the drive with "df -k" I find there is adequate space on the drive. 
> Usually this is casused by log files considered larger than the available
> space on the /var directory.

That you don't have adequate space for the task at hand. In this case
compressing the log (this means the source needs to be arround wile a
new bzip file is created) and create a new fresh file.

>  I would like to see if this in fact the case.
> Can somebody please remind me what commands I can use to troubleshoot this
> current condition?

Use 'du -s * | sort -n' to find the largest files


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