how to eliminate an unused interface?

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Thu Apr 20 18:58:30 UTC 2006

> Robert Huff wrote:
>> Jonathan Horne writes:
>>>  my box has a firewire port that is showing up as fwe0.  it is not
>>>  being used, and i would like to eliminate this device from the
>>>  network configuration.  (some applications try to bind to this as
>>>  its default interface, ex: iftop).
>>>  how do i go about elimination, or where is that network
>>>  configuration for that located?
>> 	"/etc/rc.conf"?
>> 				Robert Huff
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> Hello,
> Edit your kernel and remove firewire support -- it's in the last lines
> of the kernel config.
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so is there no other place to comment that devices configuration out? 
someone referred to the rc.conf file, but only my xl0 (with DHCP settings)
appears there.

removing firewire from the kernel would work, but then i would not beable
to plug in a firewire drive down the road.  i just want to eliminate the
firewire networking interface support.


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