scsi troubles

Stas Khromoy stas at
Thu Apr 20 16:36:17 UTC 2006

i am pretty  sure backups don't work when error comes up
  and the tape drive locks up at that time too, requiring a cold reset

is any one else using this tape model (powervault 114t LTO2 tape drive)?

> [snip]
> Do you know for sure if the backups are failing?  It's possible the dump
> card states are harmless.  I have some systems that do a dump card state
> on boot but that have never exhibited an actual problem.
> Another suggestion is to check if you have the latest firmware for both
> the tape drive and the controller.
> Still more people will probably say that there is bad voodoo between
> whoever your controller vendor is and whoever your drive vendor is.
> Mike

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