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Thu Apr 20 10:16:11 UTC 2006

Duane Whitty wrote:
> Duane Whitty wrote:
> [snip]
>> ... I want to be able to switch back-and-forth whenever I want.  Has 
>> anyone else tried this?
>> Thanks for your responses.
>> Sincerely,
>> Duane Whitty
> Thanks again for the responses.
> I am now busily building GNOME 2.12
> from ports.
> Sincerely,
> Duane Whitty


I tried this and found that Gnome stuffed up my KDE menus. Menus items 
were rearranged, a new category called "KDE" appeared and most items 
were now under this. Some items were missing. In short, it had become 
Gnomified! Googling and posting this this mailing list confirmed that 
Gnome was interfering with KDE but nobody was able to tell me how to get 
my menus back.

I eventually removed Gnome altogether which presented another problem. 
You can't  remove Gnome without removing KDE and pretty all programs 
that depend on X as well. (at least I couldn't using the removal 
instructions provided on the Gnome on FreeBSD web site).

But since you are already installing, this email may be too late.


Ron Joordens

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