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Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:

> Anyone here who are interested in taking up bsd certifications?? the
> says they are not affiliated with
> I'm confused which one should I pick?? Any idea?
> I am particularly interested in having a  FreeBSD certification..

Well, let me put it this way: is run by a number of
people well known in the *BSD world as making a valuable contribution to
{Free,Open,Net,Dragonfly}BSD and others.

If you look at the list of names in the left hand column on this page:

then with particular reference to FreeBSD you may well recognise:

    Dan Lagille   (Freshports, BSD Diary)
    Scott Long    (leading FreeBSD committer: wrote large chunks of SCSI
                   system I believe)
    Dru Lavigne   (Wrote 'BSD Hacks' and 'Big Scarey Daemons' OnLamp column)
    Wes Peters    (Another leading FreeBSD committer)
    Jeremy C Reed (Leading FreeBSD Advocacy person)

    Greg Lehey    (Author of 'The Complete BSD'. Former member of core@,
                   well known on this list)
    Marshall Kirk McKusick  (co-author of 'The Design and Implementation
                  of the FreeBSD Operating System')

[I don't claim any sort of infallible knowledge here -- this is merely the
edited highlights of my impression of who these people are and what they've
done.  Please feel free to correct me if you know better.]



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