Text files going double lined

Kyrre Nygard kyrreny at broadpark.no
Wed Apr 19 20:41:07 UTC 2006

At 15:33 18.04.2006, backyard1454-nospam at yahoo.com wrote:
>Stop wrinting code with notepad... If you search or
>perhaps within the handbook an elegant script file
>exists will fix your woes. Try searching in Gentoo
>forums and FreeBSD I can't remeber where I found it.
>The issue is unix uses carridge returns at the end of
>line. Windows uses carridge returns and line feeds.
>Unless your coders' editor allows you to stop this I
>would suggest the finding of this script to eliminate
>the extra line feed.

I use vim, or Notepad2 in Windows.

But hey this is not a carriage return problem.

You might like this though:

#   Remove carriage returns and trailing whitespaces.
#   $NINJA: text_clean.sh,v 1.0 2007/11/11 15:09:05 kyrre Exp $

for file in `find -s . -type f`; do

         if file -b $file | grep -q 'text'; then

                 tr -d '\r' < $file | sed -E -e 's/[[:space:]]+$//' > $file.tmp

                 mv -f $file.tmp $file
                 echo "$file: Done"




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