Andy Reitz reitz at
Wed Apr 19 19:11:52 UTC 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Ben and Jen wrote:

> My system has recently "locked up" after 65 days uptime, running only
> natd for my local network.  Natd still works fine and routes information
> properly - but I am no longer able to telnet or login to my machine even
> from a local console(alt f1-fx).  After I enter my root or user name at
> the login - it just hangs there.  When I telnet in, it does not even
> prompt me with a login.
> Anybody ever had this problem before?  Any suggestions on how to recover
> my system without rebooting?

Hi Ben,

Since you are unable to get a shell, it is unlikely that you will be able
to recover without rebooting.

However, you can try dropping into the online Kernel debugger, to try and
get more information about what is going on:

I think from there you can force a panic, which could provide you with
some post-mortem information to go over:

Good luck,

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