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Wed Apr 19 14:09:31 UTC 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Enigma wrote:

> I am having problems installing Gnome GUI, I have Xorg working, 
> and I have read many install instructions to get the Gnome GUI 
> up and running. My problem is this: I am installing onto a 
> small partition (roughly 2.5 gig) with the add_pkg -r gnome2 
> command to download the packets. By about what seems 3/4 the 
> way through, my hdd is full and theres no way this option is 
> open to me. I have tried copying all the packages across from 
> FreeBSD 6 cd 2 across to my hdd but the 'make' command doesnt 
> work, which im guessing is due to the fact there is no .tar.gz 
> file to build from?
> My question is, how can I install this GUI, or will it be 
> easier to install an alternative with less graphics and tag 
> along programs?
You should try a smaller GUI - especially if aou are running an 
older system - let's say 300 MHz and 128 MB RAM - neither gnome 
nor KDE will be much fun then. WindowMaker might be a nice 

> I'm essentially getting a GUI going due to the 
> fact I'm new to Unix as a whole and would be good to assist 
> learning of the OS and the shell. Due to this, something like a 
> windows clone Gnome or KDE may be good, but I'm just as willing 
> to have to learn to use a good GUI that isnt windows clone.
Good Luck,


> Thankyou.
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