can not su

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Apr 19 14:07:18 UTC 2006

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dharam paul <exiaf_radar_guy38 at> writes:

> You are right to say that /var/lib/ does not exist
> that is what logrotation through webmin said. So I
> created the folder '/var/lib/ and when logrotate
> furhter gave different errors, I removed the folder
> '/var/lib/'

Okay, so it sounds like /var/lib is unrelated to the problem.

So what you have said about the problem is that you can't log in as
root or su to root.  That's really not enough for anybody to help
solve the problem, except by sheer guessing.  Were you able to login
as root in the past?  What else did you change in the meantime?

You could always reboot and use single-user mode to examine the logs,
the password file, etc.

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