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Sorry, I accidentally sent the last response directly to you and not
the mailing list, putting this back on the mailing list.

That was my answer, in rough, I don't know, however you can go to the
board manufacturers website ( ), and
determine the relevant chipsets through their documentation on the
board (the main description pages), and then look at the driver page
for more details on the IDE/SATA/Network/etc. chipsets. With these,
you can then look at the hardware compatability list ( ) if you are
looking for a 64 bit x86 CPU, replace i386 with amd64 in the URL.

doing some of the footwork for you, on the X6DH8-G2+ board, I found
the following on the front page of supermicro's website, *important
things are surrounded by asterisks*
2. *Intel(r) E7520* (Lindenhurst) Chipset
4. *Intel(r) 82546GB* Dual-port Gigabit
    Ethernet Controller
5. *Adaptec AIC-7902* Dual Channel
    Ultra320 SCSI
6. 2x SATA Ports via *ICH5R* Controller
    SATA Controller

Off the top of my head, I'd say "Intel and Adaptec" for everything
critical, it should work like a champ, however I cannot gurantee
anything. Also, given some past experience with servers at work, I
might suggest looking at ASUS and Tyan as well (be wary of the latter,
they are very picky with what hardware you use with them).

Also, I've heard some good stuff with the dual core Athlon64/Opterons
on a nForce4 chipset, so that would be something worth considering;
the cpus are more expensive than the multi-core P4s in some cases, but
depending on what your tasks are, they may work better. As a general
rule of thumb: lots of calculations/computations, go AMD, lots of IO,
go Intel. But this is going way beyond the scope of this mailing list,
so I should probably leave it be.

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> I would check their chipsets and the hardware faq, if the chipset is
> supported by FreeBSD, then the motherboard should work (that would be
> my guess anyway). Some of the peripherials may not work right, but
> I've found BSD has had pretty good hardware support for stuff on
> motherboards, and standard ad-on cards.
> -Jim
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