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Wed Apr 19 11:41:40 UTC 2006

Error msg means there is something wrong with the content of

check that there are no blank lines in that file.

make file with only ten entries and test.
Then add more content until you break it.
maybe 1.7 MB file size is to large for max table size

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I have a problem with FreeBSD 6 and pf
I am trying to load a 1.7M file in to pf using a tables
but I get this error

/etc/pf.conf:22: cannot define table p2pblock: Cannot allocate
pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded

the table config in pf.conf is
table <p2pblock> persist file "/etc/pfdata/blocklist-p2p"
block in log quick on $ext_if from <p2pblock> to any

I have tried it on two different machines and both gives me the same

everything works when I comment these two lines out

Any ideas as to what i'm doing wrong?


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