How do you tell pkg_add to just download the packages ?

Kris Anderson ciscoaix at
Wed Apr 19 04:56:55 UTC 2006

--- Low Kian Seong <freebsd.low at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I come from a debian background, and in debian you
> can pass an argument to
> apt-get to tell it to download all the packages
> first without installing
> them first, is there a similar argument that I can
> pass to pkg_add ( I want
> to use binaries ) or are there other tools I can use
> ?
> Thanks.
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pkg_add -n says Do not actually install a package,
just report the steps that would be taken if it was.
But it doesn't say what it will do, so you can give
that a try.

Another thing to try is make fetch-recursive in one of
the items listed in the ports tree you would like to
fetch. Find a small package with only a couple of
dependencies and see if make fetch-recursive indeed
just fetches items and not install (I stried it with
Zope3). It downloaded the two packages but didn't
install them.

Hope that helps.

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