Installing Free over linux

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Wed Apr 19 01:54:34 UTC 2006

I lost the OP, so replying to this ...

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> > Subject: Installing Free over linux
> > I'm trying to install the FreeBSD 6.0 where exist a
> > old linux (It will be full replaced)
> > 
> > I'm receiving a error message about de swap slice:
> > 
> > Unable to find device node for /dev/ad0s1b in /dev!
> > The creation of filesystem will be aborted
> It sounds like you didn't allocate a swap partition during the
> installation when you were asked to allocate partitions on ad0s1.
> If you don't take the defaults, then you must allocate swap space
> explicitly.  This should be done on partition b, i.e. on ad0s1b.

Hi Aguiar,

I was installing FreeBSD 6.0-BETA4 a few moments ago, and saw the
same problem.  I was adjusting the partitions (not slices), somehow
it seems the sysinstall (or the underlying subsystem) seemed to have
forgotten about the swap partition.

Anyway, i re-sliced the disk and repartitioned the subsequent slice
w/ partitions sizes already calculated.  This time i had no problem.

Mind you that i installed from the same disc previously on a
different computer, and missing swap node message did not come up
while adjusting the partition size multiple times.  Whatever ...

  - Parv


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