Booting into an installed software raid system

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Wed Apr 19 01:24:29 UTC 2006

Hello FreeBSD users,

I am happilly installing FreeBSD systems (remotely), however there is one thing
which I would like to get solved, hopefully the one or the other can help me

Anyway here the story goes:

I have setup a sample FreeBSD system (Software Raid 1) on the devices /dev/ad2
and /dev/ad4.

I reboot the system and want to leave the FreeBSD system in the CDrom drive for
later use, but boot from the software mirrored FreeBSD installation (on the

How do I do this ?

0) I could use the KVM and set the motherboards bios'es boot option, but lets
ignore that for a moment ;-)

1) In the Bootloader menu I am choosing Option "6 - Loading a command prompt"

2) I could probably use the Fixit option in the install CD

So for now, lets explore 1) a bit more

I load the necessary kernel and the modules.

f.e. load geom_mirror

lsdev will show me as devices "cd0", "disk1s1xxx", "disk2s1xxx"

Note that the "real" device name used should be actually f.e. "/dev/ad2s1xxx"
and "/dev/ad4s1xxx"

How can I boot from here into f.e. /dev/gm0s1xxx ?

(ad2 and ad4 are defined as gm0 in the original setup)

Any suggestion welcome.

Best regards

Nils Valentin

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