mouse scroll up problem

applecom at applecom at
Tue Apr 18 23:23:33 UTC 2006

>>>>> I have FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE and optical Microsoft IntelliMouse 
>>>>> Explorer, USB native, plugged to PS/2 port via it's own USB->PS/2 
>>>>> adaptor.
>>>>> When I scroll my mouse wheel up in X11 it acts like "scroll up + 
>>>>> left button one/double-click". For example, in Opera, Firefox. In 
>>>>> MS Windows mouse works correctly.
>>>> I am running the same mouse in the same way on the same release. 
>>> I have changed settings as Pete advised. Both variants (old and new) 
>>> are working (scrolling) but described effect remains.
>>> Why I think that scrolling up works as "scroll + left click": for 
>>> example, in Opera scrolling up at the top of document (when real 
>>> scroll is impossible) result in marking the word under cursor and 
>>> appearing context menu for very short time.
>> I've been having the same problem since updating to Xorg 6.9.0 two 
>> months ago. Before that, this problem did not exist for me. Here are a 
>> couple examples of what I see with use:
> I know it's only a workaround and not a solution, but at least until 
> you're able to get the rodent behaving the way you like, you can change 
> the setting in Thunderbird preferences.
> In v1.5:
> Edit --> Preferences --> Advanced
> [Check box]  Wait XX seconds before marking a message as read
> (2nd item down)

Effect disappears when mouse is plugged to USB port directly, without 
adapter. Besides that with ums(4) buttons 6 and 7 works although it has 
the same affect as button 1.
But there is no ability to power off USB port at the moment it seems
PS/2 advantage: 'killall moused' results in turning mouse off, for USB 
it doesn't.

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