Is Squirrelmail the best webmail choice?

Zimmerman, Eric Zimmerman.Eric at
Tue Apr 18 13:57:17 UTC 2006

> ive used squirrelmail for quite a while, and i just want to make sure
> have my mind as open as possible here.  are there any other choices
> webmail that are about as easy as SM to configure, but offer a better
> interface or experience?
> ive heard of horde, but ive not seen it since early 2000 or so, and
> then, when i tried to set it up, it was a complete and total failure.

I used SM for a LONG time and recently switched to Horde. I like it A
LOT better. Sure it was more work to get going, but its not terrible.
They just fixed the horde ports so that your config doesn't get renamed
when you upgrade, so that's a good thing!

Start with horde and imp only, get that working, then add the other
horde modules as you need them.

The thing with SM is that it doesn't get updated enough (for me
anyways). Sure little security updates, but theres been no movement on
1.5 in forever.  

Horde has a TON of features, is fast, looks nice, handles procmail
filters, etc.

I like it! =)

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