Is Squirrelmail the best webmail choice?

albi albi at
Tue Apr 18 13:49:23 UTC 2006

Jonathan Horne wrote:

> ive used squirrelmail for quite a while, and i just want to make sure i
> have my mind as open as possible here.  are there any other choices for
> webmail that are about as easy as SM to configure, but offer a better user
> interface or experience?
> ive heard of horde, but ive not seen it since early 2000 or so, and even
> then, when i tried to set it up, it was a complete and total failure.
> so, any other recommendations for webmail besides squirrelmail?

depends on what you want, sqwebmail has a lot less features than
squirrelmail but it's certainly faster

running sqwebmail within a jail gave me some annoying smtp-problems though

if you have mbox-style mailboxes you can try openwebmail, it has a lot
of features

(all in the ports)

grtjs, albi
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