gs_stoller at gs_stoller at
Mon Apr 17 23:12:25 UTC 2006

	I recently tried using the  newgrp  command (just for kicks) and it aborted killing the window in which I invoked it.  I couldn't find a  man page  for  newgrp  (though I did find it in O'Reilly's "UNIX in a Nutshell").  This has led me to question how groups are used in  UNIX .
	Say I belong to 3 groups.  When I log in, I presume all 3 group names are associated with me, since I don't see any of them associated with my line in  /etc/passwd .  Then if I try to access a file which I don't own, the file system checks to see the group that owns it is any of the ones to which I belong, and if so that access prevails.  Otherwise, the access for "other" applies.

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