password in proxy

jbolivar at jbolivar at
Mon Apr 17 22:32:57 UTC 2006

   Hello every body
   I'm trying to install a port in my freebsd 6.0 stable server, but to
   get out to internet from the network is necesary use a proxy.
   I try to do using pkg_add -r <port> and sysinstall, but no work any
   My /etc/make.conf is:
   root at anubis# cat /etc/make.conf
   # added by use.perl 2006-04-05 17:00:52
   FETCH_ENV= HTTP_PROXY=http://jbolivar:*********@
   FETCH_ENV= FTP_PROXY=ftp://jbolivar:*********@
   but when I ran :
   root at anubis# pkg_add -r boinc
   Error: FTP Unable to get
   nc.tbz: Connection refused
   pkg_add: unable to fetch
   inc.tbz' by URL
   I get the messages that you can see.
   First it try to connect to and not to and second I don't now if it are using the
   When I try to install using sysinstall I can't specify a user and
   password for the proxy, or not using the format
   user:password at proxy:port
   Please, if anybody can help me...
   Thanks and Regards,
   Julian Bolivar
   PS: Sorry for my english

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