su to root not prompting for a password

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon Apr 17 18:57:38 UTC 2006

In the last episode (Apr 17), James Riendeau said:
> Thanks!  I didn't think it was so simple, and I feel like a lunkhead
> for not thinking of that.  I'm accustomed to being prompted for the
> user's password when I run su, even if it is blank (I've been
> spending way too much time on Mac OS X, I guess).  I must have
> clobbered only the root password.  Nobody else complained about being
> unable to login after the upgrade.  Not sure how that happened since
> I was so careful, especially when it got to master.passwd.

There's also a copy of the previous 2 revisions of master.passwd stored
in /var/backups , if you want to make sure nothing else is missing.

	Dan Nelson
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