Oidentd with 7-CURRENT

Gray Lilley gray at mistaken-identity.co.uk
Mon Apr 17 15:53:30 UTC 2006

Good Afternoon,


Firstly my apologies if this is the wrong list to post this to, but
since it was just a query - thought it was the best one.


I have recently built a test box which is currently running 7-CURRENT as
of April 16th.  Everything is working, bar one thing, oidentd from ports
(/usr/ports/security/oidentd) seems to completely ignore it's
configuration file and the only way to get a response from it is to add
flags -r <response> (without the brackets) to the arguments of the
program. It is running with -C /usr/local/etc/oidentd.conf and my
oidentd.conf is;


apps-1# cat /usr/local/etc/oidentd.conf

default {

        default {

                allow spoof

                deny spoof_all

                deny spoof_privport

                allow random_numeric

                allow numeric

                allow hide




user root {

        default {

                force reply "notroot"




#user eggdrop {

#       default {

#               allow spoof

#               allow spoof_all

#               allow spoof_privport

#       }



user gray {

        default {

                allow spoof

                allow spoof_all

                allow spoof_privport




I was curious whether or not anybody else had experienced this issue and
if so, whether a resolution was known.


This works absolutely fine on a 6.0-RELEASE machine and a 5.4-STABLE
machine, both i386.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and/or make suggestions as to
what it could be.



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