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Mon Apr 17 00:30:16 UTC 2006

On Sunday 16 April 2006 16:01, jekillen wrote:
> Hello folks;
> I am trying to create a system user for a program to use.
> I haven't found any specific instructions for doing this in the FreeBSD
> manual
> or Absolute FreeBSD.
> The program exits with an error saying it can't create/write to a pid
> file.
> I believe it is the way I used adduser to create it and I don't know
> what
> I did wrong. I assigned it the class bin and disabled the password and
> assigned none as the home dir.
> To remove mystery it is MySQL I am trying to get running.
> This is the error file entry:
> starting server errors:
> 060417 17:38:49 [ERROR] /usr/local/mysql/libexec/mysqld: Can't
> create/write to file '/usr/local/mysql/var/AMD64-939.<domain>.pid'
> (Errcode: 13)
> 060417 17:38:49 [ERROR] Can't start server: can't create PID file:
> Permission denied
> 060417 17:38:49  mysqld ended

How did you install mysql? That path doesn't look like the default port 
install. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't that be 
in /var/db/mysql? Anyway, user and group should be mysql - check your folder 
permissions to make sure mysql can write there. 


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