/boot at beginning of drive

Brendan Grossman brendan at grossman.id.au
Sun Apr 16 21:30:44 UTC 2006

> Having a separate /tmp slice is not a bad idea, combining /, 
> /usr, and /var is unless you're doing a very minimal install.

I can separate /usr, but my goal is to combine /home and /var, or at least
where mail and databases are stored, for reasons already mentioned.

I suppose I could do this... 

/	5gb
swap	4gb
/tmp	1gb
/usr	70gb

Then /home -> /usr/home, /var -> /usr/var

Or create a 60gb partition and call it /users

Then /var/mail -> /users/mail, /var/dbdir -> /users/dbdir

The drive is 80gb (effectively 74ish), and 60gb of it must be for users
(using either /var or /home)

I suppose it is a bit better. 

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