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steve lasiter slas7713 at
Sun Apr 16 20:57:43 UTC 2006

I just moved into a new position and will be
implementing a new network topology and I wanted to
use the opportunity to introduce them to FreeBSD. I'll
be setting up a FreeBSD gatewall/firewall with 3 NICs
behind two networks. Say, fxp0-cable modem to nic1,
fxp1-nic2 to a Microsoft Small Business Server 2003
box, and fxp2-nic3 to webserver and wireless.


The first network will be gateway - SBS
box - switch - LAN with 10 PCs.

The second network will be gateway -
switch - wireless LAN and Windows 2003 box serving as
a webserver. Leaves me room to grow on both.

My questions: 

We currently have DSL but are moving to Cable for more
speed and I'm trying to get two static IP addresses,
one for each network. The reasoning is based on the
way the SBS box takes over port 80 and 443 for
internal purposes and it appears that redirection
would be a mess with the webserver. Is the setup as
simple as configuring each of fxp1 and fxp2 NICs to
the private addresses and then using the same
gateway entries for all?

Are there any out there that have set up successful
topologies with two IPs and three NICs? What are some
of the options and pitfalls?

If I only have one IP available and need to direct to
several websites on the one network and internal
services (using ports 890 and 443) on the other
network how can this be routed?

All input is appreciated as usual.

Steve L 

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