Improving kde perfomance...

Paulino Calderon paulino.calderon at
Sun Apr 16 19:29:28 UTC 2006

I did jump in logic assuming kde is to blame, so I tried fluxbox on this
machine and everything runs normal, XOrg cpu usage is <1%. but while I was
setting everything up some stuff happened that I would like to mention.

First I noticed there are two instances of kdm running at the same time even
though I dont start it from rc.d, I only modified /etc/ttys file, also when
I modified it to start fluxbox instead of kdm this error comes up:

init: getty repeating too quickly on port /dev/ttyv8, sleeping 30 secs

I dont know if this is a different problem though.

Then I decided to check out my xorg config file, I realized I was using the
default one that loads in case you dont have one , and the next logical step
it was to create one to avoid this right?
So I created the base file doing Xorg -configure, but when I tested it this
time x dindt load, it said something about radeon module not located, I did
a kldload radeon but still same error.

So how am i running x right now? I added the fluxbox exec line to .xinitrc
and did a startx, I guess Im using the same auto default config file that I
used when i was running kdm, oh I almost forgot i did installed it from

Thank you all for your response.

On 4/15/06, Paulino Calderon <paulino.calderon at> wrote:
> Hey folks, Ive been googling about howto improve kde perfomance, i ve
> always used fluxbox as my wm but recently I got a new laptop, it has a 3.2ghz processor, 1 gb of ram, and an ati mobility radeon x600 wiith 256 mb of
> video meomry so I decided to try kde but so far the perfomance has benn
> really poor, cpu usage is always between 20-25% eventhough im not doing
> anything, most apps takes between 5 and 10 seconds to start, and even the
> mouse pointer feels like it gets stuck when i move it too fast, is this as
> fast as it gets for kde? or do you guys think there is osmething wrong with
> my installation? I instaleld it via ports by the way.
> Thanks for your help.

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