wireless setup help

nathan at pratt.edu nathan at pratt.edu
Sun Apr 16 18:14:04 UTC 2006


I'm having difficulties connecting to my roommate's apple airport.

Following the guide I tried using a fixed IP:
ifconfig ath0 netmask 0xffffff00 ssid "True That"
but got "status: no carrier" and obviously couldn't ping anything.

I believe WEP is turned off at the moment as my roommate joins without any

next I tried the dhcp method from someone in the mailing list.  I added
these lines to rc.conf then rebooted:
ifconfig ath0 ssid "True That"

at reboot dhcp wasn't able to pick up any leases and I saw "status: no
carrier" on ifconfig ath0.

FreeBSD wireless setup is new to me, so I'm probably missing something
obvious.  The card is a DLink Airplus G and I have the if_ath.ko loading
at boot without any problems.  Any hints are most appreciated. Thanks,

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