Gmail vs FreeBSD

Richard Collyer richard at
Sun Apr 16 13:11:26 UTC 2006

Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
> So what's up with gmail and freebsd sites? I haven't
> seen a single message delivered to my inbox since
> April 13. Not from mailing lists, not from gnats scripts -
> nothing.
> I told the lists to send mail to my other address, I then
> redirect from there back to gmail - and it works. So
> gmail seems to block direct communications from the
> freebsd servers only.
> And I'm not the only one to experience this:
> I've written to gmail support directly and through their
> forums, but haven't yet received anything except for
> the automated replies telling me that I'm an idiot and
> pointing me to their faqs.
> I understand that if a problem of this magnitude stays
> unresolved for more than 72 hours, I should probably
> be looking for another mail service. What would you
> suggest? I've already signed up for Yahoo Beta, but
> it's not clear when I will receive the invitation.

If your running FreeBSD just get a qmail server on the go and slap 
squirrelmail on there for web based mail.


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