freeBSD user

astalus razvan oaky20 at
Sat Apr 15 10:08:37 UTC 2006

Hy.Sorry if I disturb you.My name is Marius ,and i am a FreeBSD user.I love
this OS.A few days ago I've installed freeBSD on an Pentium 2 machine at 233
Mhz,with a Realtek RTL\8019 network card.I've configured the network card
but there is a problem.I can ''ping'' myself,but I can't ''ping'' anyone on
the LAN.I can't see computers on LAN,but when i scan myself from another
computer with 'LANguard' i can see my IP, my MAC,my open ports.Note that
''ifconfig'' command says that everything is OK , LAN uses DHCP and many
computers on LAN uses Windows OS.

Thank you very much for your suport.

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