Tamouh H. hakmi at
Fri Apr 14 13:36:34 UTC 2006

> >> Did you use a 80- or 40-ATA cable?
> >> If  you've configured your drives to do UATA-66 or faster then 
> >> FreeBSD (or any other OS for that matter) will crash if 
> you connect a 
> >> second drive...

This is new one to me! I guess my 3 x UATA-100 are super drives of some sort not to crash!!
> > It's an 80 wire. I have two drives on nearly all of my machines and 
> > never had an issue with crashing until just recently. 
> Started in 5.4, 
> > gone in 6.1-PRE, back in 6.1-RC.  It doesn't happen alot 
> though under 
> > 6.1-RC. But under 5.4 it was about every 8 hours on 
> average. So in one 
> > sense 6.1 is still saving my arsh.
> >
> > --
> > Wil Hatfield
> >
> I suspect some kind of hardware problem, and not a software problem...
> If you can, boot into another OS, preferbly windows, since it 
> will crash on just about anything, you can use your swap 
> partition to install it...

I have had this case on one machine running FreeBSD 5.4, it would happen intermittently, but after replacing the power supply it appears to have resolved the issue. Also, once I noticed this problem with MegaRac G2 remote management card installed!

However, when you've upgraded to FreeBSD 6.0, did you test the system extensively for long period of time before upgrading to 6.1-RC ? If it worked well in 6.0 and stopped working in 6.1, I've to lean towards SW issue assuming all things remained the same.


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