Wil Hatfield freebsd at
Thu Apr 13 21:58:00 UTC 2006

> Did you use a 80- or 40-ATA cable?
> If  you've configured your drives to do UATA-66 or faster then
> FreeBSD (or
> any other OS for that matter) will crash if you connect a second drive...

It's an 80 wire. I have two drives on nearly all of my machines and never
had an issue with crashing until just recently. Started in 5.4, gone in
6.1-PRE, back in 6.1-RC.  It doesn't happen alot though under 6.1-RC. But
under 5.4 it was about every 8 hours on average. So in one sense 6.1 is
still saving my arsh.

Wil Hatfield

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