Faking multiple physical adapters for DHCPDISCOVER

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Wed Apr 12 17:09:00 UTC 2006

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> Terrence Koeman wrote:
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> > I need to 'clone' the xl1 adapter to appear as three adapters, each
> > with a distinct MAC address. This because my provider has assigned me
> > three semi-static addresses of which I want to use 1 for outbound
> > NAT-traffic and two for static NAT.
> >
> > These addresses are semi-static because they are basically MAC-based
> > reservations on the providers DHCP server, and it happens to be that
> > I'm required to aquire a DHCP lease for all three addresses for
> > routing to work properly. If I configure the addresses statically the
> > connectivity 'disappears' after a while.
> The reason why your ISP has configured their system in such a fashion is to
prevent people from claiming multiple static IPs from a single machine.
> If you're not happy with their AUP, use another provider, or pay for a
dedicated IP allocation of whatever size you need.
> --
> -Chuck

That's not the case here, I'm actually trying to use less IP's. And besides
that my ISP allows up to 16 IP's to be used in their AUP.

I have about 5 clients that can share 1 IP with NAT and I have 2 other
clients that need to have an IP of their own.

If I can have all IP's bound to the server then I can simply NAT the 5
clients and static-NAT the remaining 2. Otherwise I'd need to bridge/route
and do NAT at the same time, which is not possible here, because then the 5
NAT-ed clients would need to get their IP's from the local DHCP server and
the 2 bridged clients would need to get them from the ISP DHCP server. I
could block DHCP from being bridged and do DHCP proxying for the other 2
clients, but it'd make it all much more complicated.

Terrence Koeman

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