WAN setup help.

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Wed Apr 12 13:33:33 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 03:08, Marwan Sultan wrote:
> Hello Gurus,
>    I have a Head Office, and have 2 Restaurants in diffrent areas,
>    I have been told that i can link them all together, WAN. them.
>    Can please someone explain to me how to do that? all to be as a one
> network.
>    I understand that I need router in each branch, including the HQ but,
> what is the router?
>    can FreeBSD configured to be this router?
>    how to link all of them Together?

There are many ways to do this, some that include using FreeBSD and even more 
that don't.

I personally find that OpenVPN is easy to set up and configure and works quite 
well.  It will run on FreeBSD, Windows, or other operating systems.  It makes 
the most sense to use it if you already have PC's acting as routers in each 
location.  Otherwise, it will likely be less expensive (both up-front and in 
the long run (power savings, etc) to buy standalone devices capable of 
creating VPN links.

If you decide on a specific plan that involves FreeBSD, feel free to ask for 
more help getting it going.


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