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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Apr 12 13:26:43 UTC 2006

> I hope I'm not driving everyone crazy by posting the same problem over 
> and over, but I have yet to receive a reply, suggestion, thought, etc.

Well, I haven't responded because I don't have a clue as to what is
happening or what to try.

I hope some other people who have some idea, at least of something
to check, will respond.


> I am running RELENG_6. I have been using FreeBSD since 4.x. I have had a 
> lot of weird issues through the years, but this is one I am not able to 
> resolve.
> If I enable cups or webmin, I get a small line of random graphics across 
> the top of my screen. The line does not affect the system stability, but 
> it's extremely annoying. It takes up anywhere from 10 to 20 lines of my 
> display, and displays random colors from red, green, blue to purples and 
> yellows.
> I attempted to post a picture with my last post on this issue, but 
> pictures appear to be forbidden in the list. I did however find a page 
> that seems to document the problem, although the way the problem happens 
> is different from how I trigger it on my system.
> The URL is here:
> A quick quote:
>         Unplugging the USB keyboard causes a thin and irregular
> 	horizontal stripe appear near the top of the screen (xorg
> 	6.9.0) across almost all its width.  Moving the mouse (either
> 	USB or PS/2) causes this noise to change shape.  The
> 	consistency of the system doesn't seem to be affected by this
> 	stripe, though.  Occasional random characters have been
> 	noticed coming from the USB keyboard, like a stuck key, once
> 	replugged, but I couldn't repeat it reliably.
> 	The noise on the screen is of one uniform colour (red on my
> 	desktop, green on my laptop).
> 	Looks like someone is spilling data on the frame buffer.
> This is exactly what I see, but on my system it is not triggered by USB 
> devices.
> Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? I don't mind not 
> having webmin, but cups is fairly important.
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