Noise On Screen

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Apr 12 10:11:52 UTC 2006

Jeff Molofee wrote:

> I hope I'm not driving everyone crazy by posting the same problem over 
> and over, but I have yet to receive a reply, suggestion, thought, etc.
> I am running RELENG_6. I have been using FreeBSD since 4.x. I have had 
> a lot of weird issues through the years, but this is one I am not able 
> to resolve.
> If I enable cups or webmin, I get a small line of random graphics 
> across the top of my screen. The line does not affect the system 
> stability, but it's extremely annoying. It takes up anywhere from 10 
> to 20 lines of my display, and displays random colors from red, green, 
> blue to purples and yellows.
> I attempted to post a picture with my last post on this issue, but 
> pictures appear to be forbidden in the list. I did however find a page 
> that seems to document the problem, although the way the problem 
> happens is different from how I trigger it on my system.

You can't post attachments of any kind, but you can put them up on a 
website of your own and provide a link.

If this were happening to me, I would first suspect that webmin/cups was 
just something that triggered the problem but not the root cause.

What graphics card do you have?  Is it seated properly?

If it's an NVidia, are you running the Xorg (nv) driver or the NVidia 
driver from ports?  In an earlier release of Xorg I was forced to switch 
to the NVidia driver because the xorg driver didn't work, caused screen 
corruption and lockups.  (Mozilla triggered that, but I don't blame 

 From you PR note I see that your are running an Nvidia card, so 1) try 
upgrading Xorg as it seems to be out of date - you say you have 6.8 but 
6.9 is the latest 2) If that doesn't help then try the nvidia driver.


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